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Monday, March 29, 2010

My sister has a food blog. Well, she has several food blogs. Kate, who used to ask for directions to boil water, is now the go-to girl for meal ideas and recipe tips in our family. Who woulda thunk?

And yes, that is us. We have a weird sort of dysfunctional relationship where we tell each other pretty much exactly what we think, and she was annoyed with me for asking for a photo of the two of us, but come on - it's the first shot we've had together in about five years!


Anyway, The Fresh Gourmet is a consolidation of (in my opinion) her very best recipes - the ones I can eat because they are low-fat and easy on my gall bladder (which is just gonna have to tough it out until I can do something about it when baby is older). We designed the blog together, and I am under orders to share my own recipes here as well.

I'm getting there.

But I wanted to bring Kate into the sunshine, whether I add my own recipes or not. Seriously, you have to check her place out.


And if I'm spotlighting people, it has been a bit since I shared photos of the kiddos here - you know, the ones I'm trying to avoid sometimes when I sit down to write. The cute ones that make me smile in spite of myself - and in spite of themselves!

Piper, the ham.

Yes, she does sleep sometimes.

Remembering what we were...

The happiest guy I know...

B likes to blow bubbles to get my attention....


(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


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