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Monday, July 21, 2008

Every day, I think about a blog post. Sometimes I have something deep to write, sometimes, I produce inanity. But at least I'm writing at these times.

Sometimes (read: in the last five days), I can't think of anything at all to write. Or to say. The only thing that registers with me at all is pretty pictures and vibrant colors. Things that let me feel. (This is annoying and somewhat embarrassing in light of the fact that I recently took an IQ test that clocked me at 149. *rolls eyes*)

I feel like I wasted most of the day yesterday trying to create something pretty in Photoshop for my website idea. I was trying to connect with something. I didn't come up with anything I could use, I don't think, but for the sake of a post, I figured I could upload a couple of samples here.


Stonemeadow Roses

Camera Gal

I'm not really happy with any of these, which is why I feel I wasted my time. Still, it gives me something to work on while my brain refuses to function.

"I'm married to an artist," my "doer" husband told me last night with a bit of chagrin. "You need to create before you can do."


J said...

I like the top one best for your blog, I think. The middle one looks gorgeous, but the text style clashes a bit with the rest of the image. (at least it looks that way to me) Maybe if all the text weren't right next to flowers?

The bottom one - all I can say is "The Borg". In many ways I like that one best, but as an image template for your blog it doesn't quite match to me. It's still my overall favorite though.

"Resistance is futile."

?ete said...

If I may um, comment(?) on your web log/journaliary? Pardon the Ludditical obliqueness, but I am unaccustomed to your earthling ways of technology...

Now, not a bit of it, I expressed no chagrin at all but wonderment and awe! I like being married to you, it means we get to find out about things together. Like how annoying we can be. Or how annoying other people can be. Or how annoying I can be about annoying other people...

But soft, what light through younder monitor shines, 'tis the blog, and Kelly is in need of the sun!

The first one is the gentlest of all, and speaks quietly of your poetic side. It reminds me very much of all that you see but don't say, in some ways the most fragile of all things.

The flowers in the second template make that picture alive and are the most "you" thing displayed. The scattered links are appropriate considering the state of our lives ;) I like them from the perspective that it is unique and daring, but I can't escape the feeling that you will hasten to change that one day when you're feeling more organized.

The final screen shot speaks to me of the way you see life: watching, capturing, witnessing, speaking from and through what you see. And uh, we'll leave Borgs on Swedish tennis courts for now.


the Joneses said...

Hmph. Here I was going to comment, but coming after Pete's, it's going to be like following up the New World Symphony with Hannah Montana.

I actually like the composition of the last one best, although it would be a little disconcerting to log onto a blog with a camera and an eye focused directly at me.

What I was GOING to say, though, is that I read in a "how to write" book that even if you aren't writing great stuff, keep writing junk. Just write and keep your thoughts flowing. Eventually you'll figure out what you're trying to write. Same goes for creating, I imagine. So it wasn't wasted time.

-- SJ

Kelly Sauer said...

Peter-My-Love, you're my hero. :-)

SJ - I can't even come up with Facebook status messages when I'm like this. Ick. Thanks for the encouragement, though!

dancebythelight said...

Hey, I think it's always hardest to design for yourself. I messed around for ages to come up with my website look, and it really took my hubby, who has a good/critical eye, to make suggestions to turn it into what it is now. Like Sara said, I think with creativity it's all about the process to get there. Although, I admit most of us would just like to come up with the end product the first time!! :)

Anonymous said...


It doesn't remind me of the Borg at all.

The last one is the best. (Or did I just say that?) I like the NIKON thing...for some's very unique. (Also, my opinion doesn't matter. In most cases, I am a little TOO unique for the general public to handle...)

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