GNLD - A Brief Update

Friday, October 10, 2008

I promised a bi-weekly post about GNLD. This one won't require much research, thankfully.

After my first post two weeks ago, I raised my salmon oil dose from five to ten per day, and I began taking two of the Super B, instead of the one I had been taking. Within two days, there was a marked difference. I had energy in the evening. I was helping with supper instead of sitting listlessly on the couch waiting for Pete to do it. The depression and brain fog lifted, and I was more cheerful. My short tether stretched farther.

With the instant improvement I experienced, I'm really excited about trying more.

If anyone is interested, my new order and levels will look like this:

1 – Active 40+
5 – Tre-en-en
9 – Carotenoid Complex
9 – Flavonoid Complex
6 – Cruciferous Complex
4 – Liver plus C
4 – Super B Complex
4 – Vitamin E Plus (200 caps)
3 - Betagard
1 – Chelated Iron
1 – Chelated Zinc
3 – Enersine
4 – Chelated Cal-Mag with D
4-10 – Garlic Allium Complex
3 – Multi Min with Chelates
10 – Salmon Oil Plus
1 – EZ Shake (Van.)
3 – Super C Threshold

Eeek. I just added that up. That's 75 pills per day.

In taking this now, I realize that my levels will probably change as I recover. I should only need these elevated levels during times of stress to give my immune system the support it needs to handle the lyme.

I'll plan to post periodic progress updates.

If you are interested in using GNLD, please contact me for more information, or spend some time browsing the GNLD website.


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