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Friday, October 24, 2008

I think it is my "bi" week on my bi-weekly promise to post about GNLD. This week, I want to share a story from someone who has been immeasurably helped by GNLD.

When I was pregnant with Piper, I stopped taking GNLD during my first trimester in favor of a prenatal vitamin my naturopath wanted me to take. The prenatal actually over-dosed me on iron - the things that made me want to be sick during that very long 15 weeks were leafy green vegetables and anything with iron in it. A couple of weeks before the end of my first trimester, I quit my prenatal and began taking GNLD again. The nausea went away and I found myself with more energy and a much better outlook on life. I had a very healthy pregnancy and an easy, uncomplicated delivery after six years of health problems. I felt so good!

The story I want to share today is the story of Marjorie Clark, a woman who has no spleen, one kidney, and ten children. Her story encouraged me through my pregnancy that I was doing the right thing for my body and my baby in taking GNLD. The GNLD protocol I am following for my Lyme is patterned after the Lyme program she designed for Liz - what Marjorie calls her cancer regimen.

Here is Marjorie's story.

Against All Odds, by Marjorie Clark

From ABOVE RUBIES, September 2000, No. 53 (edited)
As a young teen of 15, I found myself in a sledding accident, losing my spleen and one of my kidneys. Statistically I was told that 70% of the people in accidents like mine die immediately and the other 30% die on the way to the hospital. I was a miracle!

Upon graduation from Auburn University, with a double major in Education and French, I felt the Lord’s leading to humbly be a secretary. The Lord kept assuring my heart He would use my position. Little did I know that the very skills I was acquiring would be needed to help run the home business of my future husband. This would support all the children God would give us.

Upon graduation I lived with my mother in Atlanta and started attending a Baptist church. There I met Lawrence at a Bible study he was teaching and we were engaged in February, 1978.

During our engagement we met with a doctor who specialized in internal medicine. He cautioned us that it was seriously important I never get a kidney or bladder infection, to protect my remaining kidey. The doctor talked with Lawrence about the importance of him helping take care of my health. Lawrence came away from that meeting deeply committed to protecting my health. Three weeks after we were married I became pregnant with our first child.

Sometime during or after the second pregnancy, approximately two years later, I committed to not only trusting the Lord to have children; but also committed to being cheerful in having children. During my first two pregnancies I had looked to the medical establishment for understanding about my missing organs and all I found were conflicting thoughts. If they really were unnecessary why had God put a spleen there, or two kidneys, or any other organ? Why did I feel so sick when I ate nutrition-deprived foods? Why did I seem weaker than other healthy people? When a three-day cold went around, why did it last with me for weeks? Why was I so anemic in pregnancies? After delivery of a baby, why was I so weak with recovery and bleeding for weeks longer than my friends? Thankfully, I had a supportive husband who cared about all these issues.

As medical science caught up with reality, we found doctors with the latest info concerning the spleen. They recommended patients be put on antibiotics for the rest of their lives. Some doctor recommended women to have their tubes tied since their bodies are already facing extra stress with this missing organ.

From the first pregnancy I was extremely tired, and the fight with anemia was ongoing. Each pregnancy increased our commitment to nutritional pursuits. At the height of my physical problems we were gardening organically, raising chickens and goats and daily grinding our flour for fresh homemade bread. God helped us to give up the nutritionally empty foods we enjoyed, and replace them with foods that would best help my health, and this greatly helped me. Praise the Lord for a husband willing to sacrifice his desires to care about his wife. He grew up on junk food and disliked fruits and vegetables, so I know it wasn’t always easy for him.

After the first two were born in hospitals, we started having home births. This reduced the risk of outside bacterial infections.

Babies five, six and seven were the most difficult. During a miscarriage between babies four and five, my one kidney became painful and seemed to weaken. To compound the situation, I became pregnant with Luke, six weeks after the miscarriage. I had to rest most of the time to reduce the all too familiar cramping symptom of miscarriage. Becoming pregnant so soon after a miscarriage with a large blood loss was very difficult and draining. But the end result was worth it - Luke, baby number five.

My health declined more. Babies six and seven were similar to the difficulties of the fifth pregnancy. I experienced another miscarriage between baby six and seven. This showed me how susceptible I was to miscarriage even thought I had gone to great effort to take care of myself.

As my health declined with the birth of additional children, my older children had to learn to pitch in and help at an earlier age. I noticed they developed skills and abilities beyond what I would have probably helped them do if my health had been fine. It also helped streamline our home. I had to think about things most people didn’t. I had to get rid of unnecessary trinkets to reduce cleaning time. I had to evaluate and time the chores to conserve energy. Not only did my health affect the way our house was run, but also it dramatically affected the food that came in our home. God used my situation to give our family better health and work habits.

Finally, the test of all those years was to be eased. Two weeks after the birth of our seventh child we had a family over that had started the biggest organic food coop in the world. During our talk we were surprised to find out they believed that even people who eat healthy organic food need to take supplements if they want the best long-term health possible. They told us we were right in theory; we should be able to get everything we need nutritionally out of our food, but we had to live in the reality of real life facts.

They mentioned a government study on over 21,000 people evaluating how many received the minimal RDA in only 10 basic nutrients. How many do you think received that minimal nutrition out of those many thousands of people tested by the government? None! I was floored. They agreed that there were a lot of rip/offs in the supplement industry. However, they gave a little history of a 45-year-old company that had the top scientists in the world developing and manufacturing the best products available. They convinced Lawrence enough to do more research, and he discovered this company had impeccable research behind the products. One of the company’s products had been tested by the USDA in humans and it raised their immune system 37% in just 20 days.

After he was convinced, I took the products and within a few days I noticed that my wipeout days were gone. My struggling days ended as I faithfully took my supplements. I also slept better because of the far superior calcium I was now taking. Best of all, to our surprise, after a few months my weak kidney strengthened.

Eight months later Priscilla was conceived (baby number eight). This pregnancy was totally different. I felt good. No excessive weariness. My immune system felt strong. I could skip some naps, stay up later at night, and was even able to take the stress of traveling. Babies nine and ten were just like Priscilla. My last three pregnancies and labor/deliveries have been better and healthier than the first seven! People who have known us for years have seen the difference and rejoice with us. The midwife who delivered our eight children born at home was so impressed that she started her whole family on these supplements.

We enjoy having children of all ages; from seeing our youngest learn to talk to having deep conversations with our oldest children who are 20 and 19. Lawrence tells people, “I would not trade one of my children for all the money in the world, and so you can see with ten children I am very rich.”

As usual, if you have any questions or you are interested in finding out more about GNLD, you can go to the GNLD website or you can email me.


J said...

Are most of their supplements in a pill form or a liquid form? I'm assuming pills, but thought I would find out for sure.

Kelly Sauer said...

There are some liquid supplements, but most of the supplements are in pill form.

Phil said...

At the age of 34 through health challenges and job pressures I found myself sleeping in my car at lunch times (This was completely out of character). After using the GNLD products for about a month I found my energy levels returning and I live a very active life today. GNLD products are based in nature and everyone should be feeling the benefits of these products. Thanks very much for your testimonial, with your permission I will use this when I am talking with young mums this Thursday in London. Be well. Phil

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