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Thursday, November 6, 2008

This week, I want to share Liz's story of how GNLD has helped her in her 16-year battle with lyme disease.

Here is her story:
Liz Moore's Lyme Disease Story

In the summer of 1992 I was suffering with, facial paralysis, knee pain and unrelenting fatigue. The only doctor that was able to correctly diagnose my problem was an AIDS specialist in Pennsylvania. That was how mysterious this disease was. He determined it was Lyme Disease by testing for what it wasn't, like rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. At the time the Western Blot was very unreliable and Doctor’s had no idea how to interpret the test results. He tested me for Syphilis because the syphilis test picks up all spirochete bacteria.

He put me on 2400 Mg of Suprax a day for three months. By December I was symptom free, he removed me from the medication and told me I was cured.

Over the next 12 years I suffered with, Epstein Barr Virus, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, environmental and food allergies, and I tested positive 4 times for Lupus only to have it rescinded by a specialist every time. I just never felt right, there were times over the years that I would feel pretty good, then for whatever reason I would completely crash and be sick for months going to specialist after specialist for answers.

By the fall of 2004 my three girls and myself were under the care of Dr. Emilia Eiras a lyme Doctor in Central New Jersey, and Diane King, a specialist in Computerized bio feedback. Dr. Eiras’s care and treatment plan saved our lives. For an entire year I was on various combinations of antibiotics sometimes 2 at a time and malaria medication to kill the babesia Microti (protozoan parasite), as well as a combination of nutritional and herbal therapies. She also told me I was to eat no sugar, wheat, dairy and all of my food should be organic. I followed every guideline she placed before me to the letter.

Since 2004, I have relapsed twice, was diagnosed with a severe systemic candida infection that had invaded my lungs, my specialist told me I was lucky it hadn’t gone to my brain. I was hospitalized and almost died of blood poisoning. During this time my lymphocyte markers continued to decline, as well as my white blood cell count indicating that my immune system was being handcuffed by the Lyme Disease, thus leaving me open to even more serious disease and infection.

By the summer of 2007 I was again in bed and completely exhausted. My doctor confirmed I had relapsed again, we both agreed that another round of antibiotics would further compromise my immune system. She gave me an option of an alternative therapy that was developed by a German doctor, or do nothing and see if my body can rally and fight it off. My husband and I prayed about it and decided to see what my body could do. Through the fall I limped along having some good days but they were clearly outnumbered by the bad ones. I had been consistently taking handfuls of supplements for 4 years by a company called ** Marketing. I started to do research on supplements and came across information that caused me to take a hard look at the current company I was buying from. I learned that this company was a marketing company, that had their vitamins manufactured FOR them. The ingredients contained some synthetic isolates, and they had no clinical data on their products. I started to wonder if in fact these vitamins were causing me more harm than good?? So I stopped taking them and felt no worse. Someone suggested ** Process supplements, that was whole food, and cold processed, I took them for 8 weeks and felt no better. At this point I had absolutely no energy to even consider researching another supplement company.

As the months rolled along and I was limping along in my health, I started to wonder if in fact I was going to die of Lyme disease.

At the end of January 2008, I was at ________ College with my oldest daughter at a an activity, and as I was standing in the lunch line I overheard a woman talking about nutrition and supplements, my ears perked up and I asked if I could listen in. Her name was Susan Adams and she was a distributor of GNLD Nutritionals. I asked her if in fact GNLD manufactured their own products (yes), were they whole food (yes), any synthetic isolates (no), was there any scientific clinical data to support their claims (yes)!!

I asked for information, my husband and I researched the company, he took a hard look at the science (he is an agronomist) and I looked at the ingredients. We both came to the conclusion that I should try the Nutritionals. I started them on February 8th 2008, 5 weeks later we went to vacation at our house in Vermont to ski, I had not really skied this winter because after 2 runs I was utterly exhausted and had to go back to the house and rest. However, after being on the nutritionals for a month, I was skiing 5 hours a day in 14 inches of new snow through the trees and over bumps with my family!! We were amazed at the difference and the kids kept asking me “Mom, do you want to rest?”

I have been taking GNLD since February 8th and as of this day the 20th of August one of my Lymphocyte markers has increased 200%, the other 150% and my WBC has increased 100%. All of my blood numbers are in the normal range. I now have terrific energy, I sleep all night, and I am up in the morning tending to my family. I truly have my life back.

The following is a list of the GNLD Nutritionals I have taken daily to date:

1 Active 40
5 Tre en en
2 Acidopholus
9 Carotenoid Complex
9 Flavonoid
6 Cruciferous
4 Liver Plus C
4 Super B Complex
3 Vitamin C
4 Vitamin E
3 Beta Gard
1 Chelated Iron
1 Chelated Zinc
4 Chelated Cal/Mag with D
1 Enzyme Digestive Aid-Before meals
1 Beta Gest – Before Meals
4 Chelated Cal/Mag-Before bedtime for sleep
5 Garlic Allium Complex-Before bedtime for sleep
3 Multi Min with Chelates
6 Salmon Oil Plus

This seems like an exhaustive list, but without it I could not have healed so completely and quickly. I have been taking these levels since February 8th it is now August 20th. I will continue with this level until my blood levels remain stable for 6 months. Then I will reduce the amounts to the recommended amount.

Was it expensive, yes, it was but we made a short term commitment for my long term health.
For the last week and a half, I have been following a very similar program to Liz's daily dosages, and within two days of beginning these dosages, I felt my immune system activating. My glands were actually swollen. I was actually running a fever. This may not sound like a good thing, but when your body doesn't fight at all, it's even worse.

Yesterday, after overdoing it on Election Day, the herxheimer hit, and I spent most of the day on the couch with mild convulsions. Ick, ick, ick.

Please pray that we will find some help with Piper, and that God will ease the stress for us. Getting sicker to get better is just obnoxious.


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