RAP Poetry Response: Un-Conversation

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"I can never forget those first deep pangs of birth pains. It was like nothing I had ever felt...nothing I could explain. The hurt came from deep inside. From change."

- Laura Boggess, from a comment on my blog

The "first deep pangs"
left me shaking aware
I wasn't who I had been or
who I had become or
who I would be

she spoke
the first deep words
that defined the feeling

and I answer back,
"yes, it is change, it is
this inside-hurt
so many have felt

and shared

with me." There is

no conversation required
among us who have been
changed, just
pensive waiting in
communion as we ache for


grown from
tears, and
strength in trembling labor when
who we are

emerges into Life that makes us
who we are meant to be.

Written for L.L. Barkat's Random Acts of Poetry prompt at High Calling Blogs. Leave your own poem for "In Conversation" at her blog today, for a link and possible feature at HCB!

Oh, and that 12 Days of Community thing she mentions at the bottom of her post today? Check it out - or try it out! There are some pretty cool peoples involved in it recently. Wish I had energy to participate!

(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


S. Etole said...

Very, very stirring.

Feather said...

love. it. love it!

Laura said...


How you can make poetry from air and I stand amazed.

Still waiting. Always.

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